Slam Paper Distributors & Couriers CC sells and distributes Credit Card rolls and Other paper products. We strive for excellent performance and believe that in order to succeed we need to go beyond the call of duty...

In 1995 SLAM PAPER Distributors and Couriers cc was founded to meet the growing demand of Point-Of-Sale Stationary requirements around the concept of strict quality, effective service and affordable pricing. It is without doubt that this core objective sets Slam Paper apart from the competitors. We not only supply Till Roll and Credit Card Machine Rolls but have a range of related services we offer to clients. Paper conversion, flexo-printing, distribution and warehousing all adds up to provide Slam Paper clients with the best quality and assurance in Africa.



Credit Card Machine Rolls

ATM Rolls

Till Rolls



Distribution - Slam paper distribution network enables us to supply and deliver nation wide in South Africa.

Paper Conversion – Conversion of thermal paper reels in various sizes to meet our client’s needs.

Warehousing - Our warehousing service is available to hold stock for clients that want to draw stock at our head office and other branches.

Printing -  We do customized front and back flexo-printing for receipt authentication purposes.


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